7 things I deliberately avoid

7 things I deliberately avoid

Inversion is rarely considered an accomplishment.

It’s much easier to sell: “look at what I did for you.” Rather than: “look what I avoided for you.”

Inversion has been a strategy I’ve employed throughout my life. An example would be: avoiding role models. Instead, I had 'anti-role models'; people I didn’t want to resemble growing up

I’ve always been observant of other peoples mistakes. Even as a kid I often wrote them down with the sole aim of avoiding them myself. It’s proven to be a much more effective strategy to inadvertently learn without directly experiencing the downside

As I embark on the half-way point between my 20’s and 30’s, I now realise that simple act of identifying and deliberately avoiding the seven things I had written down; has enabled me to sustainably optimise my time for freedom and growth.

7 things I deliberately avoid

  1. Comfort
  2. Working with people I don't admire
  3. Doing easy things
  4. Neglecting or abusing my health
  5. Gaining liabilities or debt
  6. Toxic relationships
  7. Feedback-less environments

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