Day 3: Wireframing

Day 3: Wireframing

We've got a lot done already. The foundation of the app in terms of data points and user flows are fine for now. We can use these to start piecing together some rough sketches and feature ideas

Today is all about working hard to put as much down on paper as possible. This process should never be finished. You should always be putting ideas down and seeking inspiration.

Remember that no idea is a bad idea. Often the best ideas start out as the stupid ones or better, the impossible ones...

Day 3

I've opted to record the process in a video format - this is completely new for me!

Your feedback (publicly or privately) will help me improve. I welcome feedback in all forms; as trivial as the film making style, as high-level as the structure of the content or as potent as the idea, process or software I'm using

Write a comment, send me a message on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or send me an Email at and let me know your thoughts 😄

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will see you tomorrow 👋

- Darcey Beau

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