Day 5: Transitions

Day 5: Transitions

Based on the prototypes we came up with on Day 4, we can really start to create a realistic-looking flow from the splash screen all the way to some specific data points in a particular destination.

This would almost be enough to qualify as our first MVP (minimal viable product) to begin testing with potential users.

The key with transitions and animations is to stay closely aligned with Apples Human Interface Guidelines (or, whichever design principles you're following). The purpose for this, is to keep the transitions compatible with the native UI elements you're using and to make a conscious effort to maintain the usability of the app.

There's nothing worse than out-of-place transitions and animations. They should remain useful, engaging and usable for the user.

Day 5

I've opted to record the process in a video format - this is completely new for me!

Your feedback (publicly or privately) will help me improve. I welcome feedback in all forms; as trivial as the film making style, as high-level as the structure of the content or as potent as the idea, process or software I'm using

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